Music Lessons

Rick Richardson 8234 Lamont Ave., Niagara Falls, Ontario Ph 905-354-8053

You Can…

  • understand the construction of major and minor scales and how these scales produce a sense of key.
  • understand the modes and how these modes may be used in contemporary music.
  • recognize and construct simple intervals along with their inversions.
  • begin to develop fluency in constructing and identifying chords.
  • read contemporary chords symbols and conventional sheet music.
  • have been introduced to some important elements of rhythm and rhythmic notation.



What is Computer Assisted Music Theory

  • Alfred’s Music Theory Computer program leads individuals through as comprehensive understanding of Preliminary Rudiments, Grade One and Two theory.
  • The Alfred’s Music Achievement Program is a test series designed to evaluate and maintain confidential scores of the individuals knowledge of the fundamentals of music between Preliminary Rudiments and Grade Two Theory.
  • Mibac Music and practical Musical connects the Alfred programs and the Barbara Wharram text book and extends the theory to the more modern format including modes and jazz scales.
  • History, Ear training and Harmony also available.

Practical Fees

1/2 Hour: $20.00
3/4 Hour: $30.00
1 Hour:    $40.00

Computer Music Theory Fees

with peer-tutoring

1/2 Hour: $20.00
3/4 Hour: $30.00
1 Hour:    $40.00

Computer Music Theory Fees

without peer tutoring

1/2 Hour: $10.00
3/4 Hour: $15.00
1 Hour:    $20.00