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Rick Richardson 8234 Lamont Ave., Niagara Falls, Ontario Ph 905-354-8053

Music Lessons

Rick’s formal education began when he studied classical guitar with Eli Kassner (who instructed Leona Boyd). Rick studied with Eli for four years and holds diplomas in grade nine classical guitar and Grade Three harmony. 

Live Performances

For Rick performing and entertaining live audiences is the most enjoyable part of his career. Check out Rick Live.

Booking Agency

Looking for work for your Solo, Duo or Band? Talk with Rick for an unconventional and personalized approach to booking you or your group.





Welcome to the Guitar Picker!


We Believe…

The greatest delight in playing the guitar comes through the understanding of it. We have all seen advertisements where the guitarist appears to be in total ecstasy. This is not achieved until the pupil has felt inwardly that they have earned the right to enjoy it. Get that feeling of accomplishment by making your own choices.

Learn to Play

Rick Richardson employs ideas taken from various methods and has formed a 4 way method which is particularly his own to help his students understand what they must do to gain the most enjoyment from their guitar lessons.

Valuable principles and techniques, like the Descending Digits formula, The C, A, G, E, D formula, Three Notes to a string, Sweep Picking and economy Picking can help your playing when you understand them.