About Rick

Rick Richardson 8234 Lamont Ave., Niagara Falls, Ontario Ph 905-354-8053

Rick was born in the city of Niagara Falls, Ontario., Primarily self taught he travelled and played in a band as an instrumentalist and vocalist until 1976. He has worked with many fine band leaders, opened for and helped promote such artists as Tammy Wynette and Leona Boyd.

Rick’s formal education began when he studied classical guitar with Eli Kassner (who instructed Leona Boyd). Rick studied with Eli for four years and holds diplomas in grade nine classical guitar and grade Three harmony. He furthered his contemporary education studying with David Whitehill, transcription editor for two nationally distributed guitar magazines (guitar World and Guitar School). Rick has made music for the past 40 years, and he has produced 9 Silver Medalists (highest mark in Ontario awarded by Royal Conservatory of Music).

 Work Experience

Jan 1987 – Present

Guitar Instructor (Classical and Modern) 

Responsible for instruction on Guitar and Bass Guitar.

Tonic Music Studio

8234 Lamont Ave.

Niagara Falls, Ontario L2G 6V8 

Tel 905-354-8053

Sept 1978 to Sept 2006

Guitar Instructor (Classical and Modern) 

Responsible for instruction and report cards on Guitar and Bass Guitar. 

Ridley College 

Box 3013

L2R 7C3 

St Catharines, Ontario

Sept 2001 – Sept 2003

Music Instructor (LTTA) 

Learning through the Arts program Niagara Catholic School Board in affiliation with the Royal Conservatory, using music to assist in teaching core curriculum in the Language, Math and Science programs.

Feb 1986 – Jun 1990

House Musician 

Lawrenceville Restaurant 

Highway #55 

Virgil, Ontario 

L0S 1T0 

Tel 468-4333

Sept 1980 – May 1985


Organized and ran the winter (275 Students) and summer (391 Students) teaching programs employing 33 Teachers and 14 student apprentices. This included Payroll, Hiring, Budget design, Grant application and Bookeeping. 

Niagara Symphony Association 

Box 401

St Catharines, Ontario 

L2R 6V9

Sept 1979 – May 1985

Classical Guitar Instructor (Employer same as above) Responsible for instruction on Guitar and Bass Guitar

Oct 1977 – Sept 1979

Sales and Guitar Instructor 

Walter Ostanek’s Music Centre 

41 Geneva Street 

St Catharines, Ontario

L2R 4M5

Nov 1976 – Oct 1977

Sales and Store Manager 

Audet’s Music Store 

4481 Queen Street 

Niagara Falls, Ontario 

L2E 2L4

1968 – 1976

Bass Guitarist and Vocalist Performances throughout Ontario and as far east as Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Personal Appearances

  • Ancaster, Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Brampton and St. Catharines Home Show 1993 to 2019.  Strolling Vocal and Instrumental
  • Cottagefest 1996 to 2010. Strolling Vocal and Instrumental
  • Casino Niagara, Club 21 Niagara Falls, Ontario
  • Ch 10 Gogeco T.V. Conversations with Ted, January 2001, January 2002 on 4 shows as guest performer
  • Sears Grand Re-Opening, Sears Pen Centre, St Catharines Ontario. Strolling Vocal and Instrumental
  • Rinderlin’s Dining Room Welland, Ont. Vocal and Instrumental Soloist.
  • Pillar and Post Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont. Vocal and Instrumental Soloist.
  • Prince of Wales Hotel  Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont. Vocal and Instrumental Soloist.
  • Shaw Festival (both G. B. S bar and Main Stage) Niag-on-the-Lake (G.B.S Bar) Vocal and Instrumental Soloist. (Main Stage) Selected and Rehearsed Musicians, performed as Bass Guitarist in Four piece Band which opened the TAMMY WYNETTE SHOW February 14, 1979
  • C.F.G.M. (Syndicated Radio Show) OPRY NORTH (46 Stations Nationwide) Instrumental Soloist.
  • Park Motor Hotel  4960 Clifton Hill, Niagara Falls, Ontario
  • Skylon Tower 5200 Robinson St, Niagara Falls, Ontario
  • Clarion Old Stone Inn 5425 Robinson St, Niagara Falls, Ontario

 Movie Appearances

  • Mont Blonc Films (1982) Won’t Dance starring Kristi McNicoll Cast as Orchestra Guitarist

  • Heno Hinum Prod.(1986) Magic, Myths and Miracles  Cast as an English Police Officer


Returned part time to Brock University for Bachelor Degree in Music.
1986 – 1987
Studied privately with Dave Whitehill Transcription Editor for two National Guitar Magazines (Guitar World and Guitar School)
Passed Royal Conservatory of Music University of Toronto Grade 3 Harmony Exam (Honour Mark)
1980 – 1984
Studied privately with Eli Kassner at Eli Kassner Guitar Academy 19 Belmont Street Toronto, Ontario M5R 1P9 Tel 922-8002
Passed Royal Consevatory of Music University of Toronto Grade 9 Classical Guitar Exam.
Attended 3rd International Guitar Festival Toronto, Ont. (June 22-26).
Attended Songwriting Seminar presented by Canadian Musician Magazine Sheraton Centre, Toronto (Nov 1-2)
Attended Songwriting Seminar presented by Canadian Musician Magazine Hotel Toronto, Toronto (Oct 26).
Passed Royal Conservatory of Music University of Toronto Grade 7 Classical Guitar Exam.
Passed Royal Conservatory of Music University of Toronto Grade 6 Classical Guitar and Grade 2 Theory Exams ( both First Class Honours)
Passed Royal Conservatory of Music University of Toronto Grade 5 Classical Guitar Exam (Honours).
Passed Royal Conservatory of Music University of Toronto Grade 4 Classical Guitar Exam (Honours).
1961 – 1967
Stamford Collegiate Niagara Falls, Ont.

Student Accomplishments

  • 9 Silver Medal Students Royal Conservatory of Music highest mark in Ontario Frank Oliver Gr 1 & Gr 6, David Holmes Gr 1 & Gr 2 attended Berklee School of Music, Rick Morton Gr 1, Greg Lostracco Gr 1 & Gr 7, Paul Allaster Gr 1, JP Dupont.
  • Instructed band “Ditto” who won Rock storm the best band in Ontario award.
  • Instructed 4 of the 5 band members of the band. Greg Lostracco won Scholarship for Selkirk College Paul All aster & John Paul Dupont shared Frank Syriani Music Award for Notre Dame High School 2 years in a row

Special Skills

Instigated and implemented the computerization of the Niagara Symphony  And have worked with Data Base, Word Processing and Spreadsheet procedures.

Introduced and implemented at Ridley College the use of Music Theory instruction, testing and record keeping of students using the computer with MIDI interfacing using Alfred’s Music Theory, MiBac Music,